In DL for over forty years we have been offering the best services to our customers, thanks to our technical office we guarantee constant support by putting the customer at the center of development and sending one of our technicians on site to solve any problems.

In addition to the sale of industrial machinery, DL also deals with all the spare parts available through our service center by e-mail or by telephone.

The main services we offer can be summarized as follows:

  • Sale of overhauled machines:
    One of our main services is the sale of overhauled machinery. The revision takes place in our service center where we adopt the highest quality standards. We return the machines to their original state, guaranteeing their optimal functioning and verifying the work of the machine in the customer’s conditions. We believe that communicating with the client but above all paying attention to their needs, answering their questions and participating in the review process is essential in establishing a relationship of trust. The request can be forwarded to our service center by e-mail or by telephone.
  • Sale of used machinery in its current state:
    in addition to the sale of overhauled machinery, we also deal with the sale of used machinery sold in its current state, which can be viewed through a constantly updated catalog accessible through the catalog section of this site or with an explicit request via e-mail. The selected machinery can also be visited on site accompanied by a member of staff to whom you can ask any questions.
  • Third party auditing:
    In DL we also take care of third party auditing by making an appointment with our service center by e-mail or by telephone. The overhaul is carried out in our service center in via Municipio 6 as well as a series of tests aimed at verifying the correct functioning of the host machine and subsequently delivered to the customer.
  • Setup:
    Setup is the most critical stage of the sales process. Incorrect installation could compromise the correct functioning of the machinery and in the worst case possible damage, for this reason at DL we offer direct remote and on-site installation support services. The installation can be taken care of by our technicians for an optimal implementation to guarantee the correct functioning of the machine at the best of its performances.
  • Maintenance:
    Maintenance is a fundamental component of the life of a machine and guarantees its duration over time. We recommend scheduled maintenance according to the machinery in question so that it can always operate at maximum potential.

By interacting with our service center, you can monitor the status of your machine in real time, get clarifications and ask any questions.

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